Friday, 9 January 2015


Hello Lovelies, happy new year!

Anyone got any new years resolutions? We all at some point made resolutions that didn't exceed January first, or should I just come out and say some of the resolutions I made, I have broken already. Lol!

Anyway, I am hoping this year there will be activities on this blog and it will be more interactive. Already this year I have done a guest post on my friend Cheliz's  blog; and hopefully more will follow. I am urging you to go with the flow, I will try to make it as interesting here as possible.

So before the year ended in 2014, I attended my dear friends wedding and it was nice ,quiet one. Wore this red Asos Tall full skirt: let me take a moment to appreciate Asos for putting us tall girls in their thoughts. You can not begin to imagine the hardship I go through to get nice things in my size because of my height, but since they started this Tall range, my life has been so much easier. 

I am not aware of any Nigerian brand that caters to tall girls, if you know one, please direct me there. And this should also serve as a memo to Nigerian designers, some of us have legs reaching our necks, please put us into consideration. Thank you!

My pink blouse is from Virgos Lounge, worn here. Don't you just love how you own a classic piece and every time you wear it, its a winner? This is the story of this blouse; albeit I wear it once or twice a year

This is my first major outing since having my son, and I must say it is a whole different ball game getting ready and eventually going out with a child. In all, I am grateful for the opportunity and I pray that God opens doors for people who would want this kind of blessing.

All pictures taken with my Blackberry Z3

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  1. Looking great as usual.
    Come back to blogging puleez *puppy eyes* and oh, happy new year to you.


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