Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Happy midweek Lovelies, how's the week treating you? Hows the weather in your area? Harmattan is here, and its a nice break form the heat; Christmas is here!

Gone are those day when ballerina pumps and other flat shoes were without fun and attitude, these days, they come in the most interesting designs. Apart from being stylishly cool, they are the most convenient and versatile plus they have the loveliest embellishments ranging from diamante to studs to pendants and so on. You can wear flats with almost anything and still turn heads; it's all about the wearer and her carriage.

The festive season is here, so many parties to attend, wouldn't want to break an ankle. Why not consider exchanging those heels for some flats? Its safer, more convenient and equally girly.

Found a few that might give you ideas as to which ones to buy if you don't already have, or if you want to get new ones

Sunday, 15 December 2013


Hello Lovelies, how was your weekend? Mine was fun filled; attended my best friend's wedding.

I had been looking forward to the wedding for two main reasons being that I would get to wear a veil and do laali ( Henna tattoo). It is traditional for the  Muslim bride and her friends to have the laali done as part of the ceremony. I have never had it done before so you can imagine my excitement when the henna women came to paint us!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Hello Lovelies, week going alright?

I would like you to meet this cool set of tees and hoodies called AB Wears. The team behind these stylish and trendy pieces also do branding of shirts, caps and shoes to name a few. 

Kindly check on some of the designs. Enjoy...

Monday, 9 December 2013


Hello Lovelies, I'm so sorry for the long silence; I can promise you it is for a good cause. When the time comes, I will reveal what I have been up to.

I hope everyone is well?

I noticed that recently I have been drawn to skirts in all colours and and styles and I find myself wearing them more often. Although I love pencil and straight skirts, my absolute fav at the moment are flared skirt; either in mini , midi or maxi.

As usual, I did some digging around and came to share my findings... Enjoy

I love this skirt cos it's maxi, but just in words. Its actually a mini, the lace gives it a peek-a-boo twist that I find very interesting