Monday, 13 July 2015


As i seat here,  baby on my chest,  i cast my mind back to the journey to now.  Na me be this? How time flies.  I remember been told i was pregnant,  and how happy i was,  albeit scared. I remember looking forward to rocking a fierce maternity style game.  I especially remember the excitement at the thought of eating anything i wanted without being judged. Oh,  i had dreams and plans of how i was going to be pregnant and still look chic.  Boy was i wrong! 

I was first off slapped with these bouts of uncontrollable sleep,  I would sleep at any given chance.  I burnt countless number of meals,  be it breakfast, lunch or dinner; imagine not being able to successfully boil egg with it burning.  It was that bad.  As soon as I found a comfortable spot to seat,  sleep will come in with full force. Lest I forget,  there were these painful stomach cramps that woke me up every morning, terribly painful, such that I  cried some mornings.  I cant recall now if it was the pains that made me cry,  or the realisation that i was unable to control sleep,  or the thought that the pain might last throughout the 9 months,  or the combination of all three.  All i remember is that i used to be miserable alot,  and I cried often.  Then suddenly,  things started getting better,  I had power over my sleep,  the tummy pains stopped and life was becoming beautiful again. 

Just when I started getting myself together,  I woke up one morning with the worst skin blemish I had ever had.  It was worse than my puberty pimples,  it wasnt quite a rash,  I didn't know what it was.  Not to mention that my skin colour became dull and very dark,  the darkest I  had ever seen myself.  Where is my glow?  The one I have heard and read about?  What is going on?  To say i was disappointed would be an understatement,  I was shattered!  I became obsessed with my skin; i would spend extra longtime in the bath,  scrubbing,  exfoliating,  toning and doing all sorts.  I had to glow!  Other women glow in pregnancy,  why is my own different?  And then I scrubbed more.  Nothing changed,  infact,  I had more pimples and blackheads.  The battle I had with my skin lasted till I birthed my son.  He will be a year in a few days,  and i still havent quite gotten back to my pre pregnancy self as regards my skin. However,  I believe I will get there,  and even look better. 

In my research,  I found out that pregnancy is different for everybody,  although there might be similarities,  everyone is still unique.  Which brings me to the issue of people like Kim Kardashian West,  Kate Middleton and all those women who make pregnancy and motherhood  seem like a a walk in the park and giving people unrealistic views.  Or maybe I am talking like this because I dont have a full staff waiting on me hand and foot. These women always look fabulous and well rested like nothing has changed even with pregnancy and taking care of their children.  I evny them.  In between waking up in the night to feed and cleaning up after my son during the day, and going to work, I must confess that motherhood is a lot of work and women are never credited enough.  I would love to rant on and on,  but i might have to do that in a fresh post. Lol!  

Ever been pregnant,  or lived with a pregnant woman?  Leave your comments, rants and concerns,  would love to hear from you. 

I am back to blogging for real (you are probably tired of hearing this,  but I'm for real this time). Things will take a different turn,  but I can promise to give you a reason to visit very frequently.

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